Our Mission

Interested in learning about BCC's mission and beliefs? We believe the church is a community of healing, where you are loved, accepted, and welcomed as part of the family. We share our experiences, pray for one another, and lift our voices together in praise to our Savior. BCC is missionally engaged in the world, supporting generosity, integrity, and the proclamation of the Kingdom of God. Being engaged in a Bible-based church can provide us with all we need to be God's witnesses to a world hungry for peace and love.

 The Mission of Blackman Community Church is: "Loving. Sharing. Sending."


At Blackman Community Church we believe that the Christian life begins with being loved by God, and loving God in response. Each time we gather to worship it is in the knowledge that God unconditionally loves us, and we are driven to love God with all of our hearts, mind, soul, and strength in return!


God calls us to share this journey of love with others. We are never alone! Therefore, we believe that the life of every believer is defined by sharing life and service together in community and for our community. We believe this should be a part of our regular rhythm of life.


Christ is a sending Savior. This is why, at Blackman Community Church, we celebrate the sending capacity of our church. We believe that every person and community is being sent by God to participate in the movement of the Kingdom of God! Our desire is to participate in it!

Our Beliefs

Blackman Community Church is part of the worldwide Church of the Nazarene. We're a Protestant Christian church with an emphasis on the transforming work that God wants to do in our lives - to shape us into people who reflect the character of Jesus. If you want to learn more about the Nazarene denomination, check out www.nazarene.org.  Here are some of the basics from our articles of faith:

Want to worship with us?

We meet for worship each week at the Lane Agri-Park Center at 315 John Rice Blvd in the main building. Service begins at 10:30am, but we invite you to share in fellowship with coffee at 10:00am. We'd love to see you there!