Vision Night – Timeline and Location

How long do you think it takes to plant a church? Many people think it takes as many as ten years to build a church. Therefore, you may be shocked to know that Blackman Community Church will be fully established before Easter 2017. That’s reality, and we’re so excited about it! We’re using a strategy that is a blitz strategy; we start large and let God open doors.

Between now and December 2016, the launch team will be meeting, training, equipping, and planning. They’ll be promoting and getting equipment. In December, Blackman Community Church will have their first preview services. Preview services will be once a month. That preview service will be their first time renting the Lane Agri-Park Center. Everything will be done for the first time: set-up, running sound, worshiping in the building, tearing down. They are inviting Real Life Community to join them to celebrate all that God has done. The first service is for all of us to celebrate as a daughter and mother church what has taken place.

Between December and January, they will have a service and connection event. A service event is an event to share life in service together. A connection event is just a time to share life together. They will invite the community to the January Preview Service during these events. Their second preview service will be when the launch team has invited friends and family. They will have another connection event and service event, and then they will have a sneak peek service in February. This service will be a full service that is highly promoted. Then on March 19th, 2017, Blackman Community Church will have their official birthday. They’re planning to do a lot of promotion for that service, and we’re looking forward to helping them with that promotion.

Time is going to fly. This time next year we’ll all be totally overcome with what God has done. Pray for everything that is going on. Be ready for the movement that will take place. We are so excited for our preview services at the  Lane Agri-Park Center. They are also working on getting approval from the Rutherford County Conservation Board to use it as their permanent facility. Here’s a little of the back story of how the Lane Agri-Park Center came to be Blackman Community Church’s home for the preview services as told by Joshua, “I began to pray in February for a facility. After calling several people in the area, I was at a loss of what to do. People told me that we would need a lot of money to rent a place. We continued to look and told God that we trusted Him with it. We asked everyone to pray for it. When I saw the Lane Agri-Park Center, I teared up because I truly believe that this was God making a way.” The meeting went amazing about the facility. For 24 hours, they’re able to get this building. It already has 3 projectors that they’re able to use for three different sections, it’s carpeted, and has an industrial kitchen. They’re allowed to use the foyer area for hospitality time or a connection table. They can close a wall and let the children meet in one area. The max seating is 180. Within the first 2-3 months they may have to go to two services.

We’re looking forward to all God is going to do in His perfect timing in this wonderful location! Thank you for being a part of this mesmerizing story.