Vision Night – Online Promotion

Over the next several days, we want to recap some of the things we talked about on Vision Night. What we’re going to be doing for the next several months is promotion. We want to let people know that a church is being planted for them, for their family, for their area, and it’s good news to them! We want people to know! We don’t want people’s reason for not coming to our church to be because they didn’t know we even existed.

So, how do we promote? One of the ways to do this is through our website. One of the amazing moments we experienced was when we chose a website. As we picked a name for the website, we figured Blackman Community would be taken, but, .org, .church, .net were all available. We ended up going with This is our website, and we want you to explore it!

Two weeks ago was teacher’s appreciation week, and Joshua took cakes to the schools to appreciate the teachers as Blackman Community Church. The people he met with said, “Do you have a website?” Therefore, this is vital to our promotion. You can see that it talks about what it means to be a new church, their events, their mission, you’ll see “Loving. Sharing. Serving.” This is how the community can get plugged in to everything that is unfolding. This is a wonderful tool we can use to let people know who we are. We encourage you to let people know that there is a church starting in the Blackman Community. Tell them about and let them know that this church is for them! Use it as a tool!

Next, go to Blackman Community Church on Facebook. What blows our mind is when people say it’s hard to let people know how much Christ loves them; it’s so easy for us to let the world know that we’re here to care about them! You’re  given an opportunity to like and share everything you see on Blackman Community Church. Like the page right now. We’ll post all kinds of stuff on this, and we hope that you’ll like and share the things you see to help spread the good news.

Just this week, Joshua has a meeting with a daycare manager and with a secretary. He’s doing a Community Needs Assessment asking what needs the Blackman community has that Blackman Community Church can minister to. He’ll be taking pictures and updating people on those meetings and some of the details. I invite you to follow along on Instagram – @blackmancommunity.

We also encourage you to use #blackmannaz, #nazarene, and #murfreesboro in your posts when you share news about our church with your friends and family!

You can follow what’s happening on Twitter (@blackmannaz), Instagram, Missionaries in Murfreesboro. Encourage others to do the same thing. You can stay right in the midst of all that we’re doing and invite others in the months ahead.  This is what promotion will look like for the next several months to keep you posted. The work for this church plant begins now. The reaching begins now. Show everyone our website and social media posts; show them what the Lord is doing in the Blackman Community.