Vision Night – Mission

One of the gifts of church planting is determining what the church is at its core and what God does with people, families, and communities through the ministry of the church and being really intentional about what we want that to look like. It’s also one of the biggest struggles of planting a church. It’s been a lot of prayer and a lot of Bible study. It’s this stripped down question of what is Blackman Community supposed to be about? What does it mean for someone to become a disciple of Christ? In those answers was the mission: Loving, Sharing, Sending. That’s what Blackman Community is about.

We want Blackman Community to be a place and people that create this space where people come to realize that what ignites a life of Christ is being loved by God and the natural reaction that sparks off of loving God back. We want them to share intimate life and service together. Christ said that one of the best ways to bond is to serve together. We see God starting a movement in Murfreesboro. We went to a church plant training a few months ago and they told us to ask God what the biggest thing He wanted to do was. Murfreesboro contains a lot of communities and neighborhoods. We see churches being sent to these communities. We intend to plant a church out of Blackman Community very soon. We call it planting pregnant – being ready to plant another church. We want to celebrate sending churches, small groups, leaders to discover where people are. We don’t want people to always come to Blackman Community, we want to send.

We’re excited for the church that God is growing in Murfreesboro, and we invite you to be a part of who we are and what we are about.