Pastor Josh Strolls Down Memory Lane

As Pastor Josh heads into his final week as Pastor at BCC before beginning his ministry in Sofia, Bulgaria. He looks back at his time at BCC.

This was “Vision Night” when we shared all of our plans and dreams with our mother church. Real Life Community has never been more beautiful than when she gave herself away for the Kingdom of God. I am thankful for our mother church and the leadership of Erik Gernand.

This was our first ever Launch Team meeting and a celebration of meeting our budget goal for getting the church off the ground!

This was the first ever BCC worship team practice. I am still blown away at the level of talent and passion that God sent us in these wonderful people.

I am thankful for Grandma Estill Springs! This was our first ever BCC led worship service outside of mama’s house at Real Life. It was incredible! I will never forget the movement of the Spirit of God and the passionate leadership of our worship team.

I am so grateful for folks like this. I needed all the help I could get for things like opening bank accounts and getting incorporated. This was the day we got our account for BCC opened. Thanks especially to Eddie Macon (who was the FIRST BCC launch team member) and Blake Hathcock for the ministry you do in administration and setup of things like this.

This was the first ever BCC community service project. We took cakes and cards to the medical professionals who had to work on Christmas day. It was a Sunday and this was part of our Christmas day worship. It was an incredible day and we finished it off with lunch at our apartment with these folks!

Justin Miller I love this picture! You, Stephanie Harris Miller and Amber Joy were missionaries in Murfreesboro before PNG. We sent these 10,000 mailers out all over the city to announce the upcoming launch!

Just before our first ever service our mother church held a banquet in honor of the birth of their daughter. Real Life Community Church of the Nazarene you blessed us, prayed over us, cried over us, and sent us out. I will never forget that night!

I cannot even look at this picture without getting choked up. My first message to BCC. Where there was not a church, now there is one. This was the first ever BCC worship service. The people poured in (most from our mother church to help support us) and with them the Spirit of God. It was an indescribable night of worship and it will remain on the tip of my imagination to remind me of how God calls us together. I have to give a shout out to Sarah Comer who is in the background of this shot. She put so much work into promoting and supporting all that led to this first night of worship.

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