Lets Pray for These World Areas

Let’s Pray for These World Areas

South America 

“If because of your preaching men lay aside enmities, forgive injuries, avoid occasions of sin and scandals and reform their conduct, you may say that the seed has fallen on good ground. But to God alone give all the glory and acknowledge yourselves ever unprofitable servants.” – St Louis Bertrand, OP

  • Pray for the pastors in the South America Region, for their health and their families, and that God will continue to fill them so they can be poured out in their ministry
  • Pray for revival among the region, that churches would continue to be planted and that lives would continue to be changed and healed.

Asia Pacific

“It is true you believe in the Catholic Church?” “I don’t know anything but Jesus and Mary.” “If you could save your life by rejecting Jesus and Mary, wouldn’t you reject them?” “I would rather die than reject them.” – From the trial of Saint Agatha Kim in September of 1836

  • Pray for the persecuted church, those who continue to sacrifice their lives and safety for the sake of the gospel 
  • Pray for the churches which meet in quiet, that they would continue to see God moving in radical ways
  • Pray for the pastors and leaders of the churches

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