Easter Parade

Easter is a celebration of Christ giving life to all who proclaim him as Lord. Therefore, we want to give life to others in Christ’s example. So, for Easter Sunday we will be having an Easter parade. We are asking everybody to purchase items for the school program that feeds our school students through the weekend. The average child that receives these resources is 7-8 years old, unattended during meal preparation, and would not eat a meal all weekend if not for this program. Please be VERY CAREFUL to purchase ONLY THE ITEMS LISTED, because these are things a young child can prepare (pop top lids and microwavable options). Easter Sunday after worship, from 3-5PM, Pastor Joshua and Katie will be at the back of the Lane Agri-Park Center, where we usually meet, to collect these items as you come parading in your car! Thank you for helping to feed our hungry children in these difficult days! Let’s share life together!

 Chili with beans, Beef & Macaroni, Beef Stew, Beans & Franks, Spaghetti & Meatballs (single serving, pop top cans) 7.5 oz.
Single serve microwavable Mac & Cheese
Single serve fruit cups
Juice box / pouch – 6.75 oz
Single serve cereal – .75 oz.
Snack Cracker Packages
Granola Bars

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