Good Morning BCC!

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the situation with our meeting location. We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall at Murfreesboro First Church of the Nazarene tomorrow (May 30th). Beginning next Sunday (June 6th) Blackman Community Church will be back at the Lane Agri-Park facility in the Livestock Barn building. This is likely to be our temporary location until the auditorium is fixed, which is expected to be completed by September. 

Set up, service, and break down times will remain the same as they have been. 

Denean and I checked out the Barn this week and we think it will be a great location for our Sunday morning worship gatherings: There is enough space, restrooms, air conditioning, and Lane Agri-Park has also offered the garden and gazebo areas on Sunday mornings for Children’s Ministry if we think we might like to use them.

Joe Dahlke created the attached map which shows which building is the Livestock Barn. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

As I have been reminded several times over the past two weeks, Blackman Community Church has a unique opportunity. With everything that has taken place over the last few months we have an opportunity that few churches have, to testify to the world that despite our situation and surroundings, our faith and hope is in Christ crucified. Christ resurrected. Christ’s ascension. And Christ’s return. All of which demonstrate God’s love and redeeming work in the world. 

I was encouraged earlier this week as I read Deuteronomy 6, that one of the dangers Israel faced as their situation was about to change (going from wondering in the wilderness – having nothing – to taking possession of the Promise Land – having everything) was the danger of complacency and believing that they no longer needed God. Having everything was a greater threat to their fidelity than the hardship of the wilderness.

We may feel like we are in the wilderness, but the Lord is with us. The grace and the promise of his presence is more than enough.

Today is bright with opportunities to participate in seeing Christ glorified.

Pastor Nick