The reason I am up here again, is because Jimmy and I have
something to tell you all. When I was nineteen years old, a freshman at
good ole TNU, I was an intern at Real Life Community Church of the
Nazarene working with Ashley and Erik Gernand. I remember the second
week I was there they asked me to lead worship for the whole congregation
while they were gone for a wedding that weekend. While I verbally said
“yes” to them, my head definitely said, “Nope, I am not equipped for this.” I
led both services that morning and I will say I definitely cringe looking back
on that day. Yet, in the moments I felt inadequate, there were people
around me affirming my calling and constantly telling me I was enough for
this crazy thing called “ministry”.

In the summer of 2016, Joshua and Katie Haun were also on staff at
Real Life and it was then that they approached me and asked if I would be
the worship leader of this new church they were envisioning. Again, I about
wanted to laugh in their face when they asked me this but, praise God I
said yes. Praise God Blackman Community Church of the Nazarene was
on Gods hearts and we got to be a small part of planting something so
much bigger than ourselves. Praise God for the moments of growing pains
because we now see the fruit. Praise God that I can look back over the
past four years and see a different me because each year held a new
season that grew me closer and closer to Jesus. Praise God for the painful,

uncomfortable, yet exciting “yes’s” we say in ministry because God calls
and it is only our hearts desire to follow the Lord’s will for our lives.

This past week Jimmy and I said the uncomfortable and painful, yet
exciting “yes” to a new ministry opportunity. We will be helping launch a
new worship service as a team on the East Tennessee district and we feel
as if its God will for the next season of life. Trust me church when I say this,
it’s been a painful and difficult decision on the both of us. We spent the past
few weeks in hard silence, listening more intently to more of God’s voice
rather than our own. I won’t speak for Jimmy but I think I have cried more
this month than I have in my whole live. We have prayed over and over
again that the Lords will be done because thats all we want for our lives.

We just want to be faithful.

As hard as this is to say, I am resigning from BCC as the worship
pastor. Jimmy and I will be here for thirty more days and our last day will be
on September 20th. BCC, you have been so good to us. This was the first
ministry position I had and I it all started when I was nineteen. As much as
church planting can be difficult from the very beginning, I can say I have
been spoiled. You’ve let me fall on my face, try new things, and trust me
with leading you in worship each Sunday. It has been an honor to be your
worship pastor. One day I’ll be able to tell my kids about you Blackman
Church of the Nazarene and encourage them in the same way you have
encouraged our ministry.

I could go on and on but no matter what, the
words fall short when trying to express my gratitude to you church. We love
you and thank you for loving us so well.

Gabby Shultz

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